We serve 2 real ales alongside a mix of cider and lagers. Our cask ale favourite is Ludlow Best at 3.7% abv which sits alongside our guest ale.

Our wine list is small but perfectly formed and designed to meet a range of tastes and preferences.

We also serve a wide selection of spirits (including artisan drinks and liqueurs) as well as selection of teas coffees and non- alcoholic drinks.

Bar Hours

12 pm – 3 pm
6 pm – 11 pm

12 pm – 4 pm


Drinks Menu

On Tap

Ludlow 3.7% abv
£3.45 (Pint)

£1.80 (Half Pint)

Guest Ale
£3.50 (Pint)

£1.80 (Half Pint)

Staropramen 5.0% abv
£3.90 (Pint)

£1.85 (Half Pint)

Carling 4.0% abv
£3.60 (Pint)

£1.80 (Half Pint)

Carling Fruit Cider 4.0% abv
£3.60 (Pint)

£1.85 (Half Pint)

Robinsons Cider 4.5% abv
£3.90 (Pint)

£1.95 (Half Pint)

Thatchers Gold 4.8% abv
£3.50 (Pint)

£1.80 (Half Pint)

Worthington 3.6% abv
£3.45 (Pint)

£1.80 (Half Pint)

Guinness 4.1% abv
£3.90 (Pint)

£1.90 (Half Pint)

Wine List

£14.50 (bottle)

An enticing aroma of pears with hints of citrus fruit and a touch of honey. There is more of the same ripe fruit on the palate with a delicious, refreshingly clean finish. Also available by the glass: £3.90 (175ml) £5.20 (250ml).

LYREBIRD CHARDONNAY (South Eastern Australia)
£15.50 (bottle)

A fresh, lively Chardonnay with juicy, ripe fruit and flavours of lemon and peach. Also available by the glass: £4.20 (175ml) £5.60 (250ml)

£19.95 (bottle)

Fresh and crisp with a great combination of tropical fruits and grassy herbaceous characters plus a ripe citrusy freshness on the finish. Also available by the glass: £5.30 (175ml) £7.00 (250ml)

£15.50 (bottle)

Clean, dry, peppery and aromatic, with tropical fruit flavours of ripe fig and melon backed up with crisp, refreshing acidity. Modern style wine from the fertile Robertson Valley. Also available by the glass: £4.20 (175ml) £5.60 (250ml)

PICPOUL DE PINET, domaine des lauriers (France)
£22.00 (bottle)

Paparuda pinot noir (Romania)
£14.50 (Bottle)

Fragrant and fruity Pinot Noir with plenty of ripe red fruits, strawberries and raspberries, fresh and crunchy with hints of spice. Also available by the glass: £3.90 (175ml) £5.20 (250ml).

Pacamaya merlot (Chile)
£15.50 (Bottle)

A warm, pleasing, easy going Merlot with black and red fruit character, juicy and well balanced. Also available by the glass: £4.20 (175ml) £5.60 (250ml).

Lyrebird shiraz (Australia)
£15.50 (Bottle)

A classic Australian shiraz full of ripe plummy fruit flavours with a delicious hint of freshly ground black pepper. Rich and spicy with great character and a smooth finish. Also available by the glass: £4.20 (175ml) £5.60 (250ml).

Don Cristobel 1492 Malbec
£21.00 (Bottle)

A perfect combination of ripe fruit and spice enhanced by subtle use of oak barrels. Rich, beefy and almost savoury.

Aldonia Vendimia (Spain)
£23.00 (Bottle)

Lovely cherry fruit with a bright character of crystallised strawberries and cranberries. Richer on the palate with liquorice, citrus, chocolate and vanilla all vying for attention.

Gustales Crianza Rioja (Spain)

Classic appealing Rioja. Underlying oak flavours, lashings of ripe fruit with oak and fruit well balanced, deliciously complementing and enhancing each other. Also available by the glass: £5.30(175ml) £7.00 (250ml).

Foxcover White Zinfandel (California)
£15.50 (bottle)

Light-bodied and medium-sweet, with aromatic sweet berry fruit, fleshy peach and juicy watermelon flavours. Also available by the glass: £4.20 (175ml) £5.60 (250ml)

Tanners Rose (France)
£16.25 (bottle)

An elegant vibrant rosé, with a soft strawberry flavour, sourced from a family domaine in the Gers. Also available by the glass: £4.75 (175ml) £5.75 (250ml).

Tanners Brut Extra Reserve Champagne (France)

Wonderful champagne in a vintage champagne style. Made using a high proportion of older reserve wines and undergoing extended ageing on lees to give yeasty, biscuity flavours. Elegant, complex and toasty with a long finish.

Il Colle Prosecco extra dry(Italy)
£5.50 (200ml)

An attractive gently sparkling white with nose and palate of ripe apples with notes of pear juice, honey and a beautiful floral note on the finish.

Amori Prosecco Spumante (Italy)
£20.00 (bottle)

A gentle easy-going sparkler from north eastern Italy. With aromas of pears apples and peaches.

The Best Bottles

Holsten pils 4.5% abv
£2.80 (275 ml)

Heineken 5% abv
£3.20 (330 ml)

San Miguel 5.0% abv
£3.20 (330 ml)

Budweiser 4.5% abv
£3.20 (330 ml)

Desperados 5.9% abv
£3.30 (330 ml)

Newcastle Brown 4.7% abv
£3.60 (550ml)

Corona 4.5% abv
£3.20 (330 ml)

Doombar Amber Ale 4.3% abv
£3.60 (500 ml)

Thatcher’s Gold Cider
£3.60 (330 ml)

Bulmer’s cider 4.5% abv
£3.60 (500 ml)

Aspell's cider 5.5%abv
£3.60 (500 ml)

Rekorderlig plum 4.0% abv
£3.60 (500 ml)

Rekorderlig strawberry and lime 4.0% abv
£3.60 (500 ml)

Rekorderlig passion fruit 4.0% abv
£3.65 (500 ml)

Kopparberg mixed fruit 4.0% abv
£3.65 (568 ml)

Kopparberg strawberry and lime 4.0% abv
£3.60 (568 ml)

Magner’s cider 4.5% abv
£3.40 (568 ml)

Thatcher’s Gold Cider
£3.60 (330 ml)

WKD 4% abv
£2.50 (275 ml)

Henry Weston's vintage cider
£3.60 (500ml)

Raise your Spirits

With a selection of single malt whiskeys, gins and a wide range of spirits and mixers.


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